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MBT rocker sole, GT, Simba, midfoot rocker, forefoot rocker, black leather work shoe, work shoes, heel pain shoes, plantar fasciitis shoes
ALEGRIA feature a non-slip sole and rocker profile with removable footbed. Ideal as an all day work shoe due to its ability to offload pressure on the forefoot and reduce strain through the medial arch. ALEGRIA is favoured by Podiatrists and Orthopaedic S
ALEGRIA rocker sole Brenna with comfortable stretch upper. This style will accommodate a wide forefoot and hammer toes. It is also gentle on the midfoot where arthritic pain and sensitivity to pressure can be an issue. A great design by ALEGRIA with a
Alegria rocker sole shoes. Ideal work/casual shoe for long hours on feet. Extra width and added depth.
Orthotic friendly - replace footbed with 6mm insole then add orthotic.
Showingof 22 item(s)